Internationally recognized artist, Kay Lynne Sattler recalls having always observed her surroundings as sacred for contemplating and capturing inspiration. The artist has been engaged in an exploration of clay and precious metals for more than four decades, bringing ageless elements together to create original works of art.


Sattler's signature has become the ability to meticulously gild precious metals to live in a serene sanctuary within or upon the clay's body. This technique is a sophisticated balance of hand built and pit fired clay, juxtaposed with the controlled use of precious metals. The collaboration is contemporary, yet primitive, exuding a subtle and sensuous elegance. To the surprise of the viewer, each piece comes alive in the faintest of light, recasting the role of original art in today's collections. Praised by critics and prized by collectors, one can not help but be drawn into the primal, pure and precise way in which Kay Lynne Sattler's artistry evokes the elemental essence of creation. 



"My passion for placing leaves of precious metal within or upon an existence of hardened clay ultimately imparts the visual response to complete the work. In reaching beyond traditional art; it is my hope that I have successfully embraced innovation and tradition to forge original works of art with depth and beauty."