Internationally recognized artist, Kay Lynne Sattler recalls having always observed her surroundings as sacred for contemplating and capturing inspiration. The artist has  engaged in an exploration of clay for more than four decades by bringing ageless elements together to create original works of art. Her work explores an intuitive response to linear, textural and organic forms found within nature. Complex compositions evolve through the tactile and contemplative process of hand building and rolling coils of clay. By using mostly her hands as her tools, this process of clay construction is an intrinsic part of her practice: imprinted, smoked with contrasting earth pigments and adorned with her signature precious metal gilding. The collaboration is contemporary, yet primitive, exuding a subtle and sensuous elegance. 
“My relationship with clay is visceral…I ‘feel’ where the clay emanates from, ‘speaks' from and is leading me, as  much as I ‘see’ it. The slow tactile intimacy of rolling coils and creating forms that seamlessly grow within my presence, is a process of deliverance for me.~ Kay Lynne Sattler 2017
Kay Lynne Sattler is a self-taught artist, born in the foothills of Colorado before the Hawaiian Islands became her home.
She recently relocated to the enchanting city of San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.
Her works can be found in private, public, corporate and royal collections worldwide.